The Tallahassee Gig That Did and Did Not Happen

Robert Ottway and myself had been booked to play a show at The Warrior in Tallahassee Fl on February 3rd 2018. Upon deciding to scope out the venue a bit early we were informed that there was no show and that the third party booker had failed to inform us of the cancellation. Extremely unprofessional; however, we did not let this phase us too much. We instantly began calling and walking around town trying to hop on any shows at the last minute. After talking to many businesses and local talent we were ultimately unsuccessful in finding a legit show to play. Thankfully our friend Mckenzie had been hanging out with us and mentioned a park that had a stage with power. We arrived at the park and tested the power. It worked. Deciding it was too early to start our secret and low key performance we went to a nearby restaurant called Edison's and had some food/drinks. At 10:00 we quietly brought our equipment onto the stage and set it up. As soon as we were about to play a security guard named George told us we could not use power without a permit. I explained our situation and he said we could play as long as we were not using power. Sigh. Mckenzie proved to be an amazing individual and stood as look out while we performed plugged in for a total of maybe 15-20 minutes to a crowd of our 4 friends. While the night was not what we had planned for it proved to be an absolutely beautiful evening. We made many connections with better bookers in the town and will be back to play more legit gigs soon.