You are over stimulated by questions regarding solitude. Peace once cherished, is now a painful layer to daily life. The moment spent pulses with all experiences. Sex is an instinct to act not alone, not wrapped up in solitude. For some this is not enough. The feeling of loneliness resides even within another friend. Escape is clearly not an option. So, what is your question? What is my solitude? It is a friend, a deadly foe. The feeling of living life through a lens at the back of your head looking out the windows towards perception. There are many conscious’s to who I am. One is named solitude, the other fear and third is the apparition that other apparitions see. That body. Those words. The meaningless exercise is living. You want to be an atom, free from its self. This fixated point in the universe. Existing only in the moment. The universal moment of everything, of anything.


Justin Moore