Murmurings On and On...

This summer has been filled with tedious and rewarding work. Putting on public performances has been quite fun with a dose of exhaustion. Finally getting around to mixing the shows and releasing new music. One of the images below is for a live show featuring my friend Thomas Milovac and my self. We had a live stream of bears playing on a TV while we performed our pieces of music to a small crowd in a small cafe. Happy for this to be the first release featuring live performances from the shows over the summer. The second image is for an EP I did in about a week as a sort of experiment and release of emotions. It felt like the last of some prehistoric feelings squeezing themselves out of me. I discovered the precision I needed to continue on my journey of multi technological work flows. It was recorded all on a 24track board and mixed in Pro Tools with no additional edits. Finding my self feeling a little proud of these minute accomplishments. The stepping stones are getting bigger and further a part. My legs are long and I know I have the reach to make the next few leaps. The website has been left to squabble in fits of burst bubbles for a few months but I am back on top of updating and promoting the Loyal Customers project. No one, including myself, really knows what this is. The Live Performances for Bears Release is a pinnacle one because it showcases a few different ideas I have wanted to get out into the world. Loyal Customers is a band, a record label, a physical place and a fan base. It is also my personal creative vessel. Something I have learned over these last few months is that everything is slowly coming into focus, my eyes are sharp so I can get distracted by the blur; however, I am currently finding peace in the various shades knowing that they will soon take on less abstract appearances.

ep 4.png
Justin Moore